About us

Since the 2023 season, we have been working with ProChip Timer Go transponders (active chips) that have an ultimate precision of 0.003 sec (3 thousandths of a second), by a factor of 3.3x more precise than the competition.

In addition to transponders, we use new readers with which we during stage races cover the passage of 3 km to the finish line in real time.

Readers and transponders can also be used for precise measurement of individual and team times and passing times in time trials, where we also use top photocells and a measurement system.

We also use new software that enables immediate display of results on the web. With the use of transponders and new software, it is possible to show the provisional results of the stage, the general placing of the leading competitors, the wearers of the leading shirts, and other placings immediately after the leading group has entered the finish line.

The software creates and publishes the results in a format that enables their fast and high-quality production on TV, with a customized background or with a green screen for easier blending with the live TV signal.

ChronoTiming is a partner, in excellent cooperation with the reference site procyclingstats.com , which has access to our live data, and immediately publishes it on its pages. Therefore, you can count on the results of your race to be immediately published on the procyclingstats.com pages, with links to the statistics of each race participant.

From season 2024 there is a new ultimate photo finish linescan camera (4000 fps x 1280 px).

All together we are offering fast production of results, as well as the fastest production of results in pdf bulletin, including software for commissaires reports and forms, software for calculating rewards, and fast reproduction of results in paper format.

We also offer the creation of mailing lists and WhatsApp lists for distribution of results and notifications during races.

GPS tracking, visual on the map and time display of distances are also in our offer.

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